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At the law offices of Adv. Shaul Kotler we believe in excellence, accuracy, personalized service and directing each case towards the client's specific needs.


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commercial litigation, representing clients in court and other tribunals in the following areas of practice: banking law, insolvency law, corporate law, receivership, bankruptcy, commercial and contractual claims, law of bills and notes, and more.


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Our office specializes in commercial litigation with a strong emphasis on banking and insolvency. We represent clients on the many aspects of banking law, including bank clients, as well as practicing corporate law and insolvency, unwinding, receivership, composition of creditors, bankruptcy, stay of proceedings and more. Our office is located at 144A Menachem Begin Road Street adjacent to the Tel Aviv court complex. Our team is seasoned, knowledgeable and experienced in the aforementioned fields of practice and offers quick, efficient and personal service. Since 1995 Adv. Shaul Kotler has been representing clients of banking institutions in various legal proceedings including claims and counter claims, defending against pecuniary claims and realization proceedings, receivership, liquidation and debt restructuring negotiations. Our office also specializes in commercial litigation, contract law, law of bills and notes, law of obligations, corporate law and insolvency proceedings. Our office helps our clients from the private-business sector conduct complex legal proceedings, which demand a strong focus on our areas of specialization, personalized service and individual involvement.

Sources praise the firm's high-quality service, considering the team to be "smart and practical.

Sources say Shaul Kotler of Shaul Kotler Law Firm is "client focused" and "very tough." He is widely praised for his effective representation in bankruptcy disputes.

Shaul Kotler of Shaul Kotler Law Firm attracts praise from clients for his expertise in corporate litigation and international legal systems. One interviewee said: "He is very pragmatic, practical and thinks things through. He is a very powerful team member."

'Exceptional lawyer' Shaul Kotler at litigation boutique Shaul Kotler Law Firm is an expert in financial litigation, often with an international element.

Shaul Kotler Law Firm's founder Shaul Kotler is 'an excellent lawyer who can effectively organize multi-jurisdictional matters' and is 'particularly strong in insolvency and restructuring matters'.

This compact boutique punches above its weight in both the domestic and international business distress spheres. Often engaged in complex and high-profile state of proceedings matters, and more general litigation before the courts. Its wide industry expertise encompasses technology, sports, manufacturing and retail.
Peers conclude that this firm is "really very good."
Shaul Kotler remains in demand as court-appointed liquidator on both domestic and international insolvency and restructuring matters.

Advocate Shaul Kotler (interview - Globes, January 2014)

The concept "glass ceiling" was invented by people that prefer to set limits to their aspirations, their own or to restrict others - but don't believe it, there really is no such concept. If you are hard working and serious, you can be no less professional than the lawyer up against or beside you. Success in the dynamic law market depends in no small part on understanding that the legal world today is built on specific personal expertise and possessing deep understanding in comparison to the "family lawyer" that existed in the past who was expected to handle a wide range of topics on a superficial level.