Adv. Shaul Kotler

Adv. Shaul Kotler - Founder


License no. 18166 (1995)

Born 1965

Married +3

Lives in Shoham

Graduate (cum laude) of the College of Management Law School, November 1994.

Military service, captain (res.), deputy commander tank company.

Banking law litigation – representing bank clients


Representing bank clients against banks. Representing in claims, defense, receivership and winding up, representing guarantors, negotiations and more (accompanying financial structuring, diamond traders and diamond accounts, striking liens and mortgages, interest calculations, stipulating service vis-à-vis service, financial instrument acquisition, Checks Without Cover Law, and more). Works with Sagy Interest Calculations and Financial Consultancy Ltd. on hundreds of banking cases.


Corporate law and winding up litigation – representing clients in court


Represented bodies, managers, creditors, shareholders and individuals in connection with winding up, bankruptcy, receivership and restructuring with respect to: global Better Place group (Israel, Delaware Switzerland), the northern bank (bankruptcy), Aminut Moked Artzi (special administrator), AMIT Aviation Consultants (trustee in composition of creditors), Go Networks (special administrator), Hapoel Tel Aviv Basketball (liquidator), Hapoel Ashkelon Football (temporary liquidator), Mirali, Globe Contracting Inc., Goalcall, ADP, Even Hatikva, Berg Furniture, Tendo, Magitex, Hamaamis, Noga, Grupper, Chail Holdings, Shabiro, Central Gas, representing private clients in the Commerce Bank case, Exodious, and more.


Appointments by the court


Better Place (h.t., Labs, global services and motors) (Israel) – liquidator

Better Place Inc. (Delaware) – liquidator

Better Place GMBH (Switzerland) - liquidator

RS Symbol Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Society for promoting sport in Hapoel Tel Aviv (in liquidation) (basketball) – liquidator.

Mon Park Industries (1944) Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Mon Park Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

SAG Enterprise and Development (1991) Ltd. – special administrator.

Securon SPT Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Gush Eser Zahav (1994) Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Emek Haaviv Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

ELAD Hatzfoni Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Expandables Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Blue View Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Matzaei Hadarom Ltd. (formerly Aptex) (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Mirali Construction and Investments Ltd. – trustee during stay of proceedings.

Arienet Textile Ltd. (in receivership and liquidation) – attorney for the liquidator.

Bankruptcy file 464/96 – trustee.

Bankruptcy file 2724/99 – trustee.

ARIZ Trade (1984) Ltd. – special administrator.

Briza Textile Ltd. – special administrator.

Bankruptcy file 317/96 – trustee.

Ashkelon Sports Club 2002 (in temporary liquidation) – liquidator.

Society for promoting football in Ashkelon (in temporary liquidation) – temporary liquidator.

ANA Palm Nurseries Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Kol Dekel Garden Palm Marketing Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Lentop Systems (1998) Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Hatira in Gaash – trustee for shareholders in bankruptcy.

Go Networks (Israel) – liquidator.

Central Gas MG (1985) – special administrator.

Northern bank bankruptcy file 385/05 – trustee.

Aminut Moked Artzi (1978) Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Moran Electronic Industries (1991) Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Aminut Moked Artzi Systems (1993) Ltd. (in liquidation) – special administrator.

Exodious – temporary administrator.

Transco Global Services – liquidator.


Partial list of cases handled by Adv. Shaul Kotler


*Liquidator of the global group of Better Place companies in Israel, Switzerland and Delaware* The claim of Yosef Troim against Arkady Gaidamak with respect to sale of a factory in Kazakhstan. * Bank Egud was charged NIS 2.5 million due to depositing a faulty bank guarantee causing client to lose tender. * Represented against Bank of Jerusalem, Discount Bank and others, debt of $2 million erased and residential apartment released. * Represented the liquidator of Avrahami company against Bank Mizrahi according to opinion of Sagy, the bank paid the company NIS 800,000. * Precedent judgment (Globe vs. Bank Leumi LeIsrael), whereby unlawful bouncing of check prejudiced good will, Bank Leumi LeIsrael was charged NIS 45,000 plus expenses. * Represented PMD against Bank Leumi LeIsrael, the bank’s claim was rejected and the bank was charged with expenses. * Represented apartment buyers, Bank Hapoalim’s claim on concealment of assets was rejected and the bank was charged with expenses. * Represented the spouse of a company manager claiming absence of guarantee, Bank Leumi LeIsrael was charged NIS 1 million. * Represented defendants versusAmerican Israeli Bank, the bank’s claim in the sum exceeding NIS 2 million was erased and the bank charged with expenses exceeding NIS 400,000. * Claim against Discount Bank (contingent services and funds acquisition) the bank was charged approximately NIS 900,000. * Claim against the Histadrut for debts of Hapoel Tel Aviv Basketball and collection of NIS 3 million. * Represented Tendo Communications and Telephone in a motion for composition of creditors. * Represented private bank clients in winding up of the Commerce Bank. * Represented a company versus Discount Bank, the contingent service argument was accepted, the bank’s claim was rejected. * Represented companies against banks arguing the bank charged excessive early redemption fees for early loan redemption. * Liquidator of the society that operated Hapoel Tel Aviv basketball team. * Special administrator of 12 companies which received benefits and financing from the Investment Center. * Represented shareholders in the composition of creditors of Chail Holdings. * Claim versus Discount Bank due to delay in transferring payment according to letter of credit, the bank was ordered to pay the client more than NIS 8 million. * Represented a plaintiff in connection with a defunct real estate transaction in Eilat, the defendants were obligated to pay NIS 8 million. * Handling pending claims, mostly for clients versus banking institutions and vice versa, amounting to hundreds of millions of NIS. * Precedent judgment – the liquidator does not subrogate the company while distributing dividends with respect to employment relations and is not obligated to maintain an employee tax system accordingly. * Precedent judgment – the Commerce Bank shall not be able to sue its clients by summary proceedings due to the embezzlement. * The Industry Development Bank shall not be able to collect from a pledged asset in light of misleading the client. * Precedent judgment, the Amadeus ruling of the Supreme Court – a client of a bank in liquidation (the Commerce Bank) may offset damages it incurred due to closing of the bank, from the client’s debt to the bank.


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