Adv. Shaul Kotler

License no. 18166 (1995)
Born 1965
Married +3
Lives in Shoham
Graduate (cum laude) of the College of Management Law School, November 1994.
Military service, captain (res.), deputy commander tank company.

Sources say Shaul Kotler of Shaul Kotler Law Firm is "client focused" and "very tough." He is widely praised for his effective representation in bankruptcy disputes.

Adv. Dikla Peretz

License no. 52519 (2009)
Born 1981
Lives in Ramat Hasharon
Graduate of Sha’areiMishpat College, bachelor’s degree in Law.
Military service – bureau manager for logistics officer.

Shaul Kotler of Shaul Kotler Law Firm attracts praise from clients for his expertise in corporate litigation and international legal systems. One interviewee said: "He is very pragmatic, practical and thinks things through. He is a very powerful team member."

Adv. moran shabo

License no. 72942 (2015)
Born 1988
Lives in Tel Aviv

'Exceptional lawyer' Shaul Kotler at litigation boutique Shaul Kotler Law Firm is an expert in financial litigation, often with an international element.

Adv. Dagan Frenkel

License no. 69356 (2014)
Born 1975
Married +3
Lives in Tel Aviv
Graduate of the law and business academy Center in Ramat Gan; LLB in law;
Military service - first lieutenant (res.).

Shaul Kotler Law Firm's founder Shaul Kotler is 'an excellent lawyer who can effectively organize multi-jurisdictional matters' and is 'particularly strong in insolvency and restructuring matters'.